Laboratory of Intermedia Creations - L.C.I.

Líneas de investigación:


Production of Intermediate Art.

Production in Sound Art.

Production of Artistic Studies of Genre.

Production in Public Art.

Production in Scenic Arts. e inve



Production of Intermediate Art :

The capacity "Production of Intermediate Art" defines, inside the artistic sphere, like that one that is capable of intercoming up between different disciplines by meanings of a hybridization process between traditional skills and modern technology.
Also it is considered to be an intermediary with other spheres not specially artistic: social and cultural environment, meanings of diffusion of masses, science and technology, environment, etc.
With all this, we consider important to emphasize both the largeness of our labor camp and the flexibility in the adaptation for the work in collaboration with other knowledge areas.

Responsible in charge: José Juan Martínez Ballester.


Production in Sound Art:

This research group has investigated and produced inside the called artistic current "Sound Art", which is a genre of international ambience developed in the last decades and which refers to the artistic works constituted preferably of sound and which is realized by visual artists. This research group has developed and deepened this genre for more than ten years, both at theoretical and practical level, inside the different sonorous languages that are located inside this form: Sonorous sculpture, sonorous installation, sonorous scenery, phonetic poetry, radio - art, audio - performance and music electroacoustic. Many of these practices are little developed in the Spanish ambience and the historical precedents of his use in Spain are known scarcely, having realized this group several research projects that have announced several of these contributions.

Responsible in charge: Miguel Molina Alarcón.


Production of Artistic Studies of Genre:

With this capacity we try to analyze the evolution artistically - theorist of the role of the woman in the society, in national and international ambience. For it, we will state and spread the importance of the woman as regards the New technologies. Creating web platforms, networks and acting as a connection between organizations, women's associations which purpose is the use of these to reduce the technological breach. This it will be shown across the commission of congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops that state the importance of the woman in the current society to give them visibility and to stress the importance of the feminine contribution to the society, the existence of the crystal roof and to encourage the emancipation of the woman.

Responsible in charge: Empar Cubells Casares.


Production in Public Art:

The production in "Public Art" includes the achievement of projects and artistic events of public scope, both in closed and open spaces. It puts special emphasis on the problematic social and environmental ones, directing the plan of action to both ephemeral and permanent productions. This capacity includes the design of alternative spaces, as well as of urban furniture, publicity and the production of works of art in the public sphere (in galleries and institutions, the city, the nature, internet, the radio, the television, billboards, movies, etc.). It includes, also, productions in the field of the theory (critical and theoretical essays) and the cultural management, as there are the exhibitions commission, the organization of workshops, seminars, conferences, days, congresses, symposios and cultural events.

Responsibe in charge: Mau Monleón Pradas.


Production in Scenic Arts:

Conceptualization, simulation, design and achievement of scenic spaces (dance, theater and music).
Development of scenic projects for dance, theater and music.
Three-dimensional simulation of scenic projects.
Formation in the processes of conception and project achievement for theater.
Construction of structures for scenographic spaces.

Research and development of interdiciplinary projects and of critical base connected to the scenic arts.
Technical support and consultancy for the research and development of interdiciplinary projects connected to the scenic arts.
Sonorous creation applied to the scenic arts.
Audio-visual creation applied to the scenic arts.
Reconstruction of scenic works of the historical avant-gardes.
Artistic direction of scenic projects.

Responsible in charge: Martina Botella Mestres.



Photography Workshop.

Equipment of cameras and Digital Video Workshop.

Sound Workshop.