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Technical Agricultural Engineer in Horticulture and Gardening (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in horticulture and gardening are aimed at preparing students to give advice on, implement and manage the growing of horticultural crops in order to improve their yield and prevent damage to the produce. They are also capable of offering technical assistance in the field of gardening. This course is the only one in the Spanish higher education system leading to an official degree in gardening.

Career opportunities 

Technical agricultural engineers, specialising in horticulture and gardening, are trained to perform the following duties:

  • Planning, management and technical assistance in the production of irrigated, garden and fruit crops on farms, and organic production.
  • Designing and offering technical assistance on irrigation systems, and on reservoirs for regulating irrigation.
  • Planning and supervising sowing, pruning, irrigating and harvesting.
  • Technical assistance, drawing up technical reports and designing quality control projects; evaluation and study of environmental impact, together with other tasks such as measurement, valuation, property appraisal and writing experts' reports for insurance purposes, legal testimony and the like.
  • Waste management and treatment; prevention and treatment of pests and diseases that affect plants and animals, as well as submitting them to genetic studies.
  • Design and upkeep of green areas (parks, gardens, sports grounds) inside towns and cities.
  • Designing farms and facilities, building and construction management.

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