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Technical Agricultural Engineer in Mechanisation and Rural Constructions (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

This specialised branch of study has only recently been created at our School. Students are trained in the manufacture and usage of agricultural machinery with the aim of improving yields in agricultural farming. Technologies for building and repairing machinery are also studied. Additionally, the degree covers training in planning and designing agricultural farm buildings, such as storage facilities, drying sheds, silos, stables, and so forth. Students are also trained to provide experts' testimony in legal proceedings and following accidents.

Career opportunities 

Technical agricultural engineers, specialising in mechanisation and rural constructions, are trained to perform the following duties:

  • Designing, planning and constructing all kinds of buildings for agricultural use, and manufacturing and using agricultural machinery.
  • Designing farms and facilities, construction and management of agricultural building works.
  • Evaluation and study of environmental impact; marketing, quality control, consultancy and project development, and carrying out measurements, valuations and property appraisals, as well as writing experts' reports for insurance purposes, legal proceedings and the like.

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