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Technical Engineer in Administrative Data Processing (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Administrative Data Processing are aimed at training students in the techniques they will need to design and develop software applications, with greater emphasis on the end user and organisations. Specific subject areas in this degree include: database design, administration of organisations and enterprise information systems, project assessment, organisation and management, and so forth.

Career opportunities 

An Administrative Data Processing degree is clearly geared towards preparing students for a career in the following technological fields:

  • Information systems: the management and development of information systems; systems analysis; management and control of computer projects; e-business; database development; and computer auditing.
  • Multimedia: digital graphic design and modelling, webpage design, designing animation and visual effects.
  • Systems and network administration: network technologies, protocols and devices; installation, set-up, evaluation and administration of open systems; computer system security, and development of software that takes full advantage of the resources offered by the operating system and allows the exchange of information between applications over the web.
  • Software engineering: learning about the most commonly used notations, techniques, tools and methods in this discipline and how to apply them; implementing software development projects in which activities include gathering requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation and software maintenance.
  • Web technologies and services: installation and administration of web servers; designing websites, service management and development of web applications.

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