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Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

An Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography is responsible for analysing the Earth's surface, composition and structure, as well as locating materials hidden underground and studying the land on which constructions such as roads, motorways, airports, docks and buildings are to be located.

This degree course enables students to further their knowledge of the subject areas included in the programme of studies leading to a degree in Technical Surveying Engineering and therefore constitutes a natural follow-up to that degree.

Career opportunities 

Geodesy and Cartography graduates are trained to pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Description of the Earth_s gravitational and magnetic field and its internal physical structure.
  • Analogical graphic representation.
  • Databanks, expert systems and other computer applications related to both fields. Geographical information systems.
  • Graphical, analytical and computerised thematic description of the above mentioned domains.
  • Training in planning, projecting, directing and executing any kind of surveys, whether they are thematic or non-specific, and regardless of their scale, scope, application or accuracy requirements.
  • Carrying out projects, management, research and development in the fields of geography, geophysics, geodesy, GPS and navigation, photogrammetry, mapping, remote sensing and geographical information systems.
  • Environmental science, ecology and town planning projects, development and application of computer technologies and expert systems to be applied in cartographic processes, and thematic mapping and geography of any scope and concern.

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