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Technical Surveying Engineer (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Technical Surveying Engineering aim at preparing professionals who are capable of representing land forms and their main natural and man-made features on a plan for use in public works, town planning and environmental projects; they will also be able to plan all kinds of underground works, such as tunnels or mines.

Career opportunities 

The planning and execution of any kind of surveying work must, by law, be carried out by a Technical Surveying Engineer. Surveyors play an essential role in the development of our country in areas such as mapping, topography, land registry, regional planning, roads, town planning, services and technology.

In the public administration they perform the following duties:

  • Planning, execution, observation and calculation of geodetic and topographic points, using conventional systems or GPS, and basic and thematic mapping of districts and towns using photogrammetric systems.
  • Surveying, calculation and analytical layout of new urban areas.
  • Aerial photogrammetry to produce maps for use in land registry.
  • Land photogrammetry for the restoration and conservation of monuments.
  • Certification of surface areas, rural properties and plots of land so they can be registered in the Land Registry Office.

In private and services companies they can work in areas such as:

  • Feasibility studies and plotting the layout of communication, fluid and power lines.
  • Direction, control and geometric layout of infrastructures.
  • Monitoring and control of the deformation of large structures.
  • Measurements, certifications, surveys and on-site layouts of all kinds.
  • Automated management of maps and databases by means of geographic information systems.

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