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Technical Industrial Engineer in Electronic Engineering (1st cycle degree)

Training goals  

The degree in Technical Industrial Engineering, specialising in Electronic Engineering, is designed to offer specific training in the field of electronics technology applied to the industrial setting.

The first two years of the course focus on providing basic knowledge and in the last year students can choose from four specialist pathways:

  • Electricity: the generation, transport and distribution of electrical power, together with the quality assurance, measurements, equipment and electrical installations involved.
  • Power Electronics: microprocessor applications in industry, instrumentation and measurement systems. Power electronics.
  • Automation and Control: control of industrial systems and automats.
  • Industrial Computing: computer control systems for industrial application.

Career opportunities 

Technical Industrial Engineering graduates, specialised in Electronic Engineering, are trained to pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Legal certification of installations and other types of certification; legal consultancy, and producing experts' reports for insurance purposes, legal proceedings and the like.
  • Technical management in private enterprises and in the public administration; process maintenance; designing plans in technical offices, and the creation of industrial projects.
  • Control and automation of production and machinery; developing electronic designs; HVAC instruments and electrical installations.
  • Production management and quality implementation; occupational risk prevention, and safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Teaching in the fields defined by law.

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