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Technical Engineer in Public Works. Branch: Hydrology (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

Public works engineers, specialising in hydrology, are trained in the design and construction of hydraulic works, water supplies, sewage and water treatment, and all subjects related to hydrology, the water cycle, rainfall, water capacities and flows, and their regulation.

The first two years are common to the three Technical Engineer in Public Works degrees.

Career opportunities 

The studies leading to a degree in Technical Industrial Engineering, specialising in Hydrology, are clearly focused on preparing students for a career in the following fields:

  • The study, projection, construction and operation of surface and underground hydraulic works involving rivers, lakes and seas: channelling, canals, distribution networks, collection and supply systems, pumping, sewage and water treatment, irrigation, hydroelectric developments and associated facilities.
  • Planning, management and operating hydraulic resources and dealing with the problems concerning the environment and quality of waters that can derive from such activities.
  • Supervision and administration of hydraulic civil engineering projects (dams, canals, water desalination plants, hydroelectric power plants), as well as the operation and management of these resources.

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