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Engineer in Geology (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

Geological engineers are responsible for studying the characteristics of the land to be used to execute civil engineering projects, such as buildings, tunnels, roads and bridges. It is also their job to locate deposits, mines and quarries for the resource industry.

The scientific and professional field of geological engineering covers geology, civil engineering and mining engineering.

Students wishing to study this degree course must be interested in geology and working outdoors, as well as being skilled in maths and physics.

In their last year, students can choose from three specialist pathways: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Geology.

Career opportunities 

The exhaustive training Geological Engineering graduates receive enables them to undertake the following tasks and duties:

  • The study, design, projection, management and execution of public works involving the construction and control of embankments and banks, special foundations, land drainage and enhancement.
  • The search for natural resources, and their evaluation, management and protection, where these engineers will be involved in geotechnical and geological studies, the management and exploitation of water resources, assessment of deposits and evaluation of reserves, and so forth.
  • Studies on environmental impact, risk evaluation and control, in relation to regional planning, waste management, and the management and recovery of degraded areas.

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