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MSc in Food Science and Technology (_2nd cycle degree_)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Food Science and Technology include specialised subjects that deal with the properties of foods, their manufacture and preservation, as well as the relationships between food and public health.

Food science and technology graduates are therefore capable of working in the quality control and analysis of raw materials, in manufacturing process monitoring and control, in addition to carrying out quality control of finished products and researching in the field of foodstuffs, either in industry or in research centres.

Career opportunities 

The studies leading to an MSc in Food Science and Technology are focused on preparing students to pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Process and product quality control and management; process and product development and innovation; legal, scientific and technical consultancy.
  • Food safety; collective catering; community nutrition and public health; clinical nutrition and food processing.
  • Commercialisation, communication and marketing.

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