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Engineer in Industrial Management (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

The degree in Industrial Management Engineering was introduced at the EPS in Alcoy in 1995. It is aimed at covering the demand for management professionals to work in general profile enterprises within the rich entrepreneurial fabric of the Valencian Region.

Students are provided with specific training in the area of business management, and are capable of organising both production and administration and finances. Subjects also deal with technologies related to the business world.

The Industrial Management Engineering degree sets out by providing students with basic technical expertise and then goes on to offer them extensive knowledge in the field of management. Students also learn to coordinate, programme, plan, direct and control all kinds of industries from the organisational point of view.

The degree consists of 150 classroom credits that are distributed over four semesters, and offers the following specialist pathways:

  • Quality: subjects include Organisational Behaviour and Total Quality, and Statistical Control, Quality and Quality Management.
  • New technologies: subjects include Computer-Assisted Manufacturing, Advanced Systems and the Management of Advanced Manufacturing Systems.
  • Textile technology: subjects include Integrated Management in the Textile Sector and Textile Technology.
  • Logistics and distribution: subjects include Transport Engineering, and Supply and Distribution Logistics.
  • Environment: subjects include Environmental Management in the Enterprise and Pollution Prevention Systems.
  • Safety management: subjects include Industrial Safety and Risk Prevention, and Safety Management.
  • Industrial management: subjects include Investment Analysis and Business Set-up Cost-effectiveness, and Integrated Management of Industrial Systems.
  • IManagement of manufactured products: subjects include Direction of Manufactured Products and Marketing of Manufactured Products.

Career opportunities 

The studies leading to a degree in Industrial Management Engineering are strongly oriented towards preparing students for a career in the following fields:

  • Planning and managing the automation of industrial processes; managing the purchase of productive systems, the renewal and upkeep of industrial equipment and introducing new technologies; programming and controlling production; administering business planning and, in general, the firm's industrial policy and technology.
  • Coordinating work teams; defining strategic plans; designing job positions; managing human resources, and organising information systems.
  • Implementing integrated logistic management; carrying out market surveys, and conducting economic and financial evaluations of projects and activities.
  • Implementing environmental management within the enterprise.

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