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Technical Telecommunications Engineer in Telematics (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

Telecommunications engineers, specialising in Telematics, are experts trained in the transmission of all kinds of digital information (voice, images, data, etc.) between computers over networks using different types of media (radio, cable, optical fibres, etc.).

Our students have the chance to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline in the laboratory facilities at the Higher Polytechnic School of Alcoy and also in real-life situations, such as the analysis of telecommunications services, equipment and technologies that are constantly on offer in the media.

Career opportunities 

This degree is well consolidated within the framework of engineering degrees offered by our School. Telecommunications engineers can pursue a career in a wide range of fields as specialists in programming, data transmission, digital electronics, communications networks, computer architecture, theory of communication, teletraffic, communications network management, interconnection equipment and systems, transmission media, communications electronics, radiocommunications, optical communications, industrial communications or telematic services.

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