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BA in Public Administration and Management (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The aim of this degree course is to provide students with the training they need to be able to pursue a career in the management and administration of public institutions and in related companies and organisations.

Moreover, because of the wide range of subjects covered in this degree course, the training that Public Administration and Management graduates receive prepares them for a multidisciplinary role in middle management, with an extensive knowledge of legal, economic and social aspects that qualifies them to work in any area of public administration. This comprehensive training also makes graduates ideal for positions in the private sector.

Teaching methodology: since the academic year 2005-2006, the Public Administration and Management degree course follows a mixed teaching methodology, that is to say, it can be studied either in face-to-face classes or by taking advantage of blended learning methods. In the latter case, only part of the contents of the different subjects are taught in the classroom and students complete their studies with the material and activities that are made available on the Open Polytechnic University's e-learning platform.

Career opportunities 

Graduates with a degree in Public Administration and Management offer a profile that enables them to work in:

Management, coordination, implementation and consultancy tasks in the public administration, political institutions and other public organisations that operate on a European, national, autonomic and local level, which engage staff by means of public examinations. They are also capable of working as the managing director of autonomous institutions, public businesses and public foundations, as well as organisation managers or external consultants.

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