Area of Strategic Planning

The Direction of Area in Strategic Planning of the UPV has by object the formulation of the Vision of the Universitat Politècnica de València through the diagnostic of his situation and of his surroundings (internal and external factors) and in base to his mission define the aims that orient the endeavours and actions of the university community to achieve his vision of UPV 2030, like university of avant-garde that creates, undertakes, powers, coexists, experiences and communicates.

Besides, we carry out the formulation of strategies for the fulfillment of the strategic aims, as well as the establishment of programs of performance and projects with the assignment of resources and corresponding responsibilities.

Also, we commission us of the design and implementation of a system of follow-up of the fulfillment of the programs and of evaluation of results and of the impact generated in the own UPV and in his surroundings in relation with the aims established.

Finally, we want to establish a system of incentives for the suitable development of the programs.

Main initiatives

It knows the activity of the Area, are centred in the following projects.

UPV Strategic Plan 2027

To develop the UPV 2027 Strategy, a participatory process is proposed, in which the different members of the university community (in dialogue with civil society and the public administration) establish the challenges that the university must face, the objectives we …

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