Area of Digital Transformation

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The purpose of the Direction of **Area of Digital Transformation will centre in creating an useful and agile structure that allow us achieve the improvement of the **UPV. During the process will learn and will share best practices for the management. Some of these improvements will look for to achieve that the cyberspace was this and no a **ciberDespacio, for this will identify to the-ace users-ace and his needs; we will do that the service was easy to use; we will follow agile methodologies of work; we will offer continuous improvements, and will publish the code source in open.

Besides we will boost the design, implementation and support of technological tools that allow and lean the initiatives of educational innovation that facilitate the learning of the-ace students and will help to create surroundings and tools that allow to the diffusion out of the **UPV of the contents and projects of digital learning of the **profesorado of the **UPV

Aims and Key Results


Periodically we update the state of the key results (**KR) of the Direction of **Area for the current period using a semaphore of colours. Green: confidence in that it will attain the **KR; Yellow: probably it will achieve the **KR if we resolve some points of attention; Red: **dificilmente goes to attain this **KR without a redistribution **imporante of resources or changes in the surroundings

Initiatives Stood out

It knows the activity of the Area, are centred in the following projects.

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Latest News

News and latest projects

  • HackLab UPV (information technologies at the service of laboratory practices)
    From the Office of Digital Learning we want to promote laboratory practices through technological tools that enhance the learning of students (complementing and getting much more juice to the classroom practices). To this end, we are planning a series of …
  • Student “challenge” pilot
    On Tuesday 20230321 I will conduct with my students a pilot exercise for a challenge/hackathon that I want to launch with the Office of Digital Learning. In my subject we will see a dynamic for group work in contexts of …
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