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6. Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (Valencian Language Academy)
Servei de Promoció i Normalització Lingüística Regulations GENERAL LEGISLATION 6. Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (Valencian Language Academy)  ...


Article 3 
The Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL - Valencian Language Academy) is the institution responsible for determining and drafting, as required, the linguistic regulations governing the Valencian language. In addition, the Academy is committed to protecting and promoting Valencian, based on the lexicographical and literary tradition and the genuine Valencian linguistic reality, as well as consolidated standardization based on the Castelló Regulations.

Article 5 
The decisions of the AVL within the performance of its assigned functions must be observed by all of the institutions of the Generalitat, public authorities and all other public administrations, the education system, the media, and all bodies, organizations and companies that are publicly owned or funded.

Article 7

The AVL’s competences include: 
a) Determining the official regulations governing Valencian in all of its aspects. 
b) At the request of the Generalitat, specifying the linguistically correct terms for toponomy and official onomastics of the Valencian Community, for their official approval. 
c) Issuing and disseminating reports or rulings and undertaking studies on the regulations and official Valencian onomastics, whether by its own initiative or at the request of public institutions in the Valencian Community. 
d) Ensuring the normalized use of Valencian and defending its nomenclature and integrity. 
e) Reporting on the compliance with the AVL’s linguistic regulations of the texts drafted by public institutions or which require official approval, as well as the audiovisual productions of the Valencian Community. 
f) Drafting an Annual Report and presenting it to the Council of the Generalitat and the Corts Valencianes. As well as outlining its activities throughout the reporting period, the report gives an overview of the appropriate observations and recommendations for the normal use of Valencian in any of its expressions. 
g) Any duties that, within the scope of its competences, it is commissioned to undertake by the President of the Generalitat, the Corts Valencianes or the Valencian Government.

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