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E.U. en Competència Professional per a l'Ensenyament

4.2 LUEV: Law 4/1983, of 23rd November, on the use and study of Valencian (2nd part)
Servei de Promoció i Normalització Lingüística Regulations GENERAL LEGISLATION 4.2 LUEV: Law 4/1983, of 23rd November, on the use and study of Valencian (2nd part)  ...

TITLE TWO: Valencian in education

CHAPTER ONE: The application of Valencian in education

Article 18

1. The incorporation of Valencian in education is compulsory at all educational levels. In the Spanish-speaking areas specified in Title Five, the aforementioned incorporation must take place progressively, taking the particular sociolinguistic situation into account, as stipulated in the legislation.

Article 20

The Government shall take any measures required to prevent discrimination against students because of the language that they habitually use.

Article 23

1. In view of the joint official status of Valencian and Spanish, teachers must have a command of both languages.

2. Teachers who do not have a sufficient command of Valencian when this Act comes into effect shall gradually be trained through a progessive policy based on voluntary improvement and professional promotion.

3. The Council of the Generalitat must strive to ensure that the Tuition Programs of Universities and Teacher Training Centres include Valencian as a course and particularly in the latter institutions so that, on completion of their studies, all teachers have a command of Valencian equal to their command of Spanish in both written and spoken communication, all without prejudice to the provisions of the general legislation on this matter.

4. The regulations governing teachers’ access to public and private education centres shall specify a system by which it is ensured that all newly contracted teachers meet the conditions stipulated in the first point of this article.

Law on the use and study of Valencian: full text

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