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4.1 LUEV: Law 4/1983, of 23rd November, on the use and study of Valencian (1st part)
Servei de Promoció i Normalització Lingüística Regulations GENERAL LEGISLATION 4.1 LUEV: Law 4/1983, of 23rd November, on the use and study of Valencian (1st part)  ...


General principles

Article 2

Valencian is the Valencian Community’s own language and, as such, all citizens have the right to know and use the language in spoken or written form in both their private relations and their interactions with public bodies.

Article 3

Without prejudice to the exceptions stipulated in this Act, the citizens’ use of Valencian in both their public and private relations has full legal effects, in exactly the same way as if they use Spanish, without the fact that they exercise their right to express themselves in Valencian giving rise to any form of discrimination of demand for translation.

Article 4

Under no circumstance may anybody be discriminated against because they use either of the two official languages.

Article 5

The Government shall take any measures required to prevent discrimination against citizens or activities based on the fact that they use either of the two official languages, as well as guaranteeing the normal use, promotion and knowledge of Valencian.

TITLE ONE: The use of Valencian

CHAPTER ONE: Official use

Article 7

1. As the Valencian Community’s own language, Valencian is also the language of the Generalitat and its public administrations, the Local Government and the other public corporations and institutions that form part of them.

2. Valencian and Spanish are the official languages of the Valencian Community and, as such, their use by the Government is conducted as stipulated by Law.

Article 9

1. All administrative procedures conducted in Valencian are valid and have full legal effect throughout the territory of the Valencian Community.

2. Documents drafted in Valencian for administrative activities have full legal effect, as do the printed materials and forms used by the public authorities in the course of their activities.

Article 10

Throughout the territory of the Valencian Community, all citizens have the right to address and deal with the Generalitat, local institutions and other public entities in Valencian.

Article 16

Public companies and public services that directly form part of the public administration must guarantee that their employees who deal directly with the public have a sufficient command of Valencian to perform the service that they are responsible for in a normal fashion.

CHAPTER TWO: Normal use

Article 17

All citizens have the right to express themselves in Valencian in any meeting and perform their professional, commercial, employment, trade union, political, religious, leisure and artistic activities in Valencian.

Law on the use and study of Valencian: full text

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