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* Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 30 April 1990 (BOE no. 111 of 05.09.1990) which establishes the procedure for issuing certain official higher education and postgraduate degrees and diplomas.

DECREE 106/2020, of 7 August of the Counsel, which sets the fees to be paid for the provision of university academic services for the academic year 2020/21.

Type of Fees:

* Issuance of degrees and diploma certificates.
* Duplicate of previous degree certificates.
* Certified copy of documents.
* Publication of BOE announcement for the loss of university degree certificates.


1. Members of Large Families:
- Full exemption for large families of the special category.
- 50% discount, for large families of the general category.
2. Full exemption, victims of armed groups and terrorist elements, it also applies to their spouses not legally separated and children, provided that the causal link between criminal activity and the adverse outcome had been determined in administrative record for such purpose by the procedure established in Royal Decree 673/1992, of 19 June, by a final court decision.
3. Full exemption for the disabled, with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, and those matched thereof by the application of paragraph 6 of the Twenty-Fourth Additional Provision of Organic Law 6/2001, 21 December, of Universities, in conjunction with Article 1.2 of Law 51/2003 of 2 December, on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for people with disabilities.
4. Students members of Single-Parent Families that document such status by presenting the corresponding family collective title or individual licence issued by the Council of Equality and Inclusive Policies (former Council of Social Welfare), shall enjoy the following benefits:
- Full exemption from payment of fees, for special category single-parent families.
- 50% discount on the payment of fees, for general category single-parent families.
5. Those students victims of gender violence, that document this condition by any of the evidence referred to in Article 9.1 and 9.2 of Law 7/2012 of 23 November of the Generalitat, Comprehensive Law on Violence on Women in the Region of Valencia, as well as the dependent children under 25 years of age, shall enjoy full exemption from payment of fees.
6. Full exemption from payment of fees, for taxpayers who have been subject to the system of protection of minors or the judicial system of reeducation in any period of the three years prior to the age of majority.
7. Full exemption from payment of fees for taxpayers who are in a situation of social exclusion and this is accredited by the competent administration in matters of social welfare of the municipality of residence.

Fees of academic year 2020/21::

* Doctorate degree : 225.20 ┐

* Official Master's Degree : 212.07 ┐

* Official Bachelor's Degree : 186.24 ┐

* Bachelor's Degree, Architecture or Engineering + DS to the degree: 186.24 ┐

* Diploma, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer or Teacher + DS to the degree: 108.86 ┐

* Advance studies Diploma: 73.73 ┐

* Issuance of Diploma Supplement to the Degree (only for those graduates other than bachelor's or master's degrees, whose degree does not include the DS) or duplicate of those already issued: 35.14 ┐

* Application for academic convalidation at Doctorate level: 166.89 ┐

* Duplicates of the previous degrees, due to loss or modification: 27.34 ┐. (The fee of advertisements on the BOE for lost university degrees, prior to the request of the duplicate, is calculated based on the number of lines in the ad).

* Certified copy of documents. 10,69 ┐

    Shipping of degree certificates:

1. Shipping to Spain 15 ┐
2. Shipping to Europe: 30 ┐
3. Shipping to the rest of the world: 50 ┐.

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