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Application for Credit Recognition in Master's Degrees
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To request credit recognition, please access the credit recognition application through your intranet- Virtual Secretary - Applications - Application for credit recognition.

If the subjects whose credits you wish to be recognised have been taken at the UPV, these are already registered in the application. However, if you took the subjects at a different university then you must register them and indicate the mark achieved and how many credits they consist of.

Then, keep adding requests where you will select the subjects you wish to recognise and associate them to the one you would like to add, which must have already been registered.

Please do not forget to attach digitally all the necessary documentation so that the academic committee of the master's course can assess the request. This action is not necessary for UPV subjects.

For those subjects not taken at the UPV, please provide an original or certified copy of your academic record certificate, with academic validity, from the university at which they were taken.

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