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¿Cómo acceder a la universidad con estudios de un sistema educativo diferente al español?
General ¿Cómo acceder a la universidad con estudios de un sistema educativo diferente al español?  ...

  A - Access to university studies with secondary studies completed

1st. - Those concerned must request from the Spanish Ministry of Education the appropriate recognition of equivalence to obtain a validation diploma equivalent to Spanish secondary studies. You may obtain further information on this procedure at the following URL:

   Ministry of Education

2nd.-Students must pass any examinations required for entry to specific Faculties and University Schools. The Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED -Spanish Open University-) is the institution in charge of setting these examinations. You may obtain further information on these examinations at the following URL:

         Entrance examinations to the University

3rd. - The next step is pre-enrolment. You may obtain further information on the pre-enrolment procedure at this web site, in the access section. For pre-enrolment, the examinations mentioned above are only valid if they have been passed during the current or previous year.


       B. - Access through partial foreign university studies

     Students must follow the procedure stated below, which was issued in the Order in Council 1742/2003 on December 19th :

1. Students with foreign university studies liable to partial validation must submit an admission and validation application form to the Rector of the Spanish University where they wish to continue the same or equivalent studies, who will in turn resolve these requests in accordance to the criteria set by the University’s Governing Board, taking into consideration the grade point average.

2. Students who have not obtained a partial validation of at least the whole of the first course or a minimum of 60 credits must pass an admission procedure established by the University.

 For more information:

          Regulation admission


       C. - Access to University with University studies completed

Students with a foreign University degree can choose between validation of their studies at the University and recognition of equivalence of their University degree as an Official Spanish University degree. These recognitions are carried out by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

For more information:

    Recognition of qualifications

    Regulation admission(Spanish)


D. - Access as a visiting student

A visiting student is a student who, prior authorization, studies at the University, without recognition of his previous studies or studies at the University. This consideration follows the same guidelines for national students as for foreign students. For more information:

    Regulation visiting student


E. - Access to PhD studies

More information at the Doctoral School:

    Doctoral School (Spanish)


F. - Grants

Students interested in requesting grants offered by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture or by the Valencian Autonomous Government, must have a foreigner identity number (N.I.E.) and a residence permit. First and Second Cycle students can apply for these grants. There are other grants paid directly out of the Polytechnic University of Valencia’s budget that are promptly offered to students belonging to this University. For more information:

    Regulation about scolarships - Unidad de Becas - Servicio de Alumnado (Spanish)



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