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Message for UK students on Brexit

 This message is addressed to students who have started university courses in the EU before December 2020

Until the end of the transition period, the rights and the ability to move and take up residence for work or study under existing rules will not change.  UK students who are enrolled on a course of study in the EU and move to their country of study before the end of the transition period are protected under the Withdrawal Agreement for the duration of their studies. 

In light of this you should be aware that:


·                 If you move to Spain before the end of the transition period, you are entitled to reside here but may need to register.

·                 If you have not moved to Spain by 31 December 2020, for example, because you are attending classes virtually, you will need to apply through relevant immigration routes for non-EU nationals if you choose to move afterwards.

·                 There may also be actions around ensuring access to healthcare, travel, student support and tuition fees. More information is available in the attached document, from your university or on gov.uk/livinginspain.


See attached the complete information from the UK Government. 

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