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Pre-registration general Information
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The pre-enrolment is the process by which a candidate applies for the admission to a doctoral programme.

The requirements that the applicant must meet to be admitted are regulated by the Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011. Please note that the information shown here is just a summary. If you have any doubts, please contact the Doctorate School.

Specific information for candidates with studies outside the EHEA.

The pre-enrolment process is completely online. If you do not have a UPV user you will have to request one as a first step of the application. At the end of the pre-enrolment process you must upload a PDF copy of the required documentation. The originals (or certified / legalized copies) will be required later, after the official enrolment is done.

The Academic Commission of the requested doctoral program will study the application and in case of needing additional information, will contact the candidate. According to the Doctoral School’s Services Charter the deadline for resolving applications (duly submitted) is 45 days.

Please note that most doctoral programs require that applicants have a proposal for thesis director and research plan to be accepted. You can consult the contact details of the different academic commissions here.

The Academic Committee may:

  • Not accept the pre-enrolment, when the requirements are not met
  • Accept the pre-enrolment
  • Accept the pre-enrolment, assigning a number of credits for master's subjects (complementary courses), when they consider that there is an academic lack in some of the specific fields related with the development of the thesis

Once the Academic Commission of the Doctorate Program has validated the admission, the applicant will be summoned immediately to formalize the enrolment, which should be done within 10 days.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: In case the development of the thesis is subject to the grant of a pre-doctoral aid, the candidate should not proceed with the enrolment. The admission is valid for the course in which it is produced and the next one, so the student can complete the enrolment later, at any time, by contacting the Doctorate School.

The enrolment is annual (by academic year) and, as in any other degree, must be renewed obligatorily during all the doctoral study period.

Access requirements for new students (Overview)

  • Bachelor degree + masters degree, with a total of 300 ECTS (minimum) and of which at least 60 ECTS must be master level.
  • Degree of five years (or more) of previous plans (engineer, licensee, architect, ...) with an equivalence to master degrees.
  • Degrees from outside the EHEA with an equivalence to master degrees (must provide a certificate issued by the university of origin stating that the degree gives access to doctoral studies in the home country).

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