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Training activities for PhD students

The doctoral training will include, in addition to the completion of the doctoral thesis, the fulfilment of a number of training activities (specific and cross curricular). Each activity will have a valuation in equivalent hours, so that at the end of the doctoral studies (the presentation of the doctoral thesis) a minimum of 600 hours will be required (a 10% of them at least should be cross curricular). Each programme has a specific regulation about the different activities which may be recognized, and the minimum hours corresponding to cross curricular training.

The cross curricular training activities may be covered through the courses offered by the School of Doctorate. However, the student can apply for the recognition of similar training of this type received (scientific documentation, scientific communication, research methodologies...).

The cross curricular courses offered by the Doctoral School will be offered in on‐line editions and will not suppose additional tuition fees.

Registration for these courses will be done through the Thesis Management platform. The beginning of these courses is scheduled from January and the registration will be open from September to December.

Students admitted with Complementary Courses may participate in the cross curricular training offered by the Doctoral School.

The specific training activities are those related to the development of the doctoral thesis: participation in congress or conferences, published papers, participation in research projects, stays in other laboratories... Each programme has defined the criteria for the valuation of these activities into equivalent hours, according to their rules (see the website of the programme).

Students must apply for the valuation of these activities through the "Thesis Management" platform. The Thesis Director will evaluate them and propose a number of equivalent hours. The CAPD will study this proposal and validate it according to the rules of the programme.

When the activity was done together with other researchers the student should fill out this form detailing the rate of participation for each one.

In case of research stays in other institutions the student should have the agreement of the Director and the CAPD before the departure (to be requested through the "Thesis Management" tool).

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