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Supervision and monitoring

The doctoral candidates admitted in a doctoral programme must complete their enrolment each course through the Doctoral School. From the course 2015/2016, the renewal of the second and later enrolments will be done automatically, after notification to the student.

Each doctoral student will have a Record of Activities, which will include all the relevant activities for the thesis development, such as the Research Plan and the Training Activities. This Record will be part of the student's transcript.

Before the end of the first year doctoral students must develop a Research Plan, including at least the methodology to be used and the expected objectives, together with the means and the time schedule to achieve them.

Annually, the CAPD will evaluate the Record of Activities of the students: the progress over the initial research plan, the training activities done, along with the reports of the tutor/director. A positive evaluation is necessary to continue in the program. In case of a negative evaluation, which shall be duly justified, the doctoral student must be evaluated again within six months. In the case of a second negative evaluation, the doctoral candidate will be separated from the programme.

Students will be requested to enter an auto evaluation each year in June through the Thesis Management platform. The Thesis Director will be able to review it in July and the CAPD will evaluate it in September.

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