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Academic procedure for doctoral research visits
Doctoral School Internationalization Research visits – mobility Academic procedure for doctoral research visits  ...

The procedure has two phases: before and after the visit.

A.- Steps to follow before the visit

Once you have decided where and when the predoctoral research visit will take place, you must request authorisation.

  1. On the Thesis Management platform: Training activities :: Research stay application.
  2. You must attach proof of acceptance from the host university (letter or email) and a proposed work plan to be developed during the stay (download the work plan template) .
  3. It is necessary to state that you have medical insurance covering the period of the visit, or a European Health Insurance Card. If at the time of applying for authorisation you do not have insurance coverage, then you can include a declaration that you will obtain coverage before departure.
  4. When the student has made the application, it is necessary for the thesis supervisor to give approval before the doctoral programme academic committee can authorise the visit.

Students who are UPV employees (FPI / FPU / VALi+d, or a temporary contract) to obtain the appropriate permissions, contact the UPV Human Resources Office, as well as the service that is managing the employment contract.

B.- After the visit

The doctoral student must request academic recognition of the visit as hours of specific activity (see criteria for each programme). This recognition will appear in the student’s file and will be valid when applying for an international mention or joint supervision distinction when presenting and defending the thesis (check the requirements necessary for each).

Recognition must be sought after returning from the visit.

  1. On the thesis management platform: Training activities :: Registering specific activities.
  2. After adding a predoctoral visit on the Thesis Management platform, the platform will link with SENIA (the platform that manages the scientific production of UPV researchers).
  3. Applications can be made at any time during the academic year.
  4. A proof of the visit must be attached, plus a report (memory) of the activities carried out (download the report template).
  5. The thesis supervisor will propose a recognition of the predoctoral visit as a specific activity in equivalent hours. The doctoral programme academic committee will evaluate the proposal and award an equivalency in hours.

Once validated by the doctoral programme academic committee, the research visit will be registered on the Thesis Management platform and the student record.

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