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Deadlines for enrolment


New students

Enrolment must be made within 10 days of admission. The applicant shall be summoned for enrolment automatically as soon as the admission has been validated (pre-registration) by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme.

Rest of students

Automatic renewal of registration. The enrollment will NOT be renewed automatically in the following cases:

  • The student has already defended the thesis in the present course.
  • The defense of the thesis has already been called for before 30 September next academic year.
  • The student has assigned complementary course that have not yet been passed. In this case a citation will be made to enroll in the second half of July current academic year.


Ordinary period: Until 31 October (current academic year).

Should it be accepted, it entails the cancellation of all subjects of the course, and involves the refund of the amount paid to the student of the appropriate public prices to date by teaching activity.

Once this period has elapsed, requests for total cancellation of registration suggested by the student and approved by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme may be considered. Should the enrolment contain subjects (either interdisciplinary activities, supplementary or by requirement), the authorisation of the lecturers responsible for the subjects in question is required, and there may be grounds for dismissal of the cancellation for those subjects whose teaching has already exceed 25% of the programmed teaching activity. The admission of these requests entail no refund to the student of the amount of the tuition fees paid.

Application for refund of fees

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