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Teatre en anglès: Behind the Cookie PAC 2019

Data: 27 i 28 de juny 2019
Lloc: Teatre "l'Agrícola" C/ Cervantes 3, Alboraia
Horari: 20:00 h
Entrada lliure fins a completar l'aforament

Sinopsi: La vostra privacitat ès important per a nosaltres i per als nostres socis i tercers a qui venem les vostres dades. Cuidem la vostra privacitat recopilant i processant informació sobre l'ús que realitzeu dels nostres serveis per a personalitzar-vos, posteriorment, la publicitat o el contingut al llarg del temps. També cuidem la vostra privacitat utilitzant la informació recopilada per a comprovar si heu realitzat alguna acció relacionada amb la nostra publicitat, que incloga, per exemple, fer clic en un anunci o realitzar una compra. Per a acceptar i confirmar que heu llegit la informació presentada ací, només necessiteu continuar en el seient i veure l'obra.

From an interview with a Yellow Gold addict
In the early stages of drinking Yellow Gold there are a lot of positive effects. Everything is enhanced. You become more sociable, you enjoy music, films, talking with friends, and eating junk food more. You sleep less and you're always thirsty and you put on weight, but you feel more confident. If you stop drinking Yellow Gold there are no withdrawal symptoms, it's not like alcohol or heroin. But it's the effects of Yellow Gold that are addictive. It's a very dangerous drug.

From an interview with the President of the National People's Party
Of course I want my daughter to become President of the country. Parents always want the best for their children, for their families. If that means stepping on other children, on other families, well, what's wrong with that? As a political party we've always welcomed contributions from anyone. The voters don't seem to mind. And in the form of democracy we have in this country, positions of power and influence in politics are pretty much hereditary.

From an interview with the CEO of the company that makes Yellow Gold.
The situation regarding the negative effects of Yellow Gold is a bit fluid right now, and there has been a lot of inaccurate and unhelpful speculation. Our company is pro-actively working to evaluate what is going on. Of course, we do not have the ability to monitor what people do with Yellow Gold. We are not in the business of surveillance, we are simple manufacturers of a variety of food and drink products which we believe have a positive social impact. The nation's health is something we take very seriously and we have robust procedures in place to ensure that we comply with all existing government rules and policies. Naturally, we believe that those policies should be created in a consultative, market-driven manner and we will continue to work with governments and politicians to promote fair, pro-growth policies.

Organitza: Crow Theatre, una companyia de teatre creada en 2001 per Ana Gimeno, David Perry i Claire Donahoe amb l'objectiu d'ensenyar anglès a través de tècniques teatrals.



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