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RetrospectiVIH: Retrospective Exhibition of World AIDS Day Posters

Every year since 2001, the UPV Faculty of Fine Arts has been collaborating with CALCSICOVA in the celebration of World AIDS Day on December 1. This collaboration has given rise to workshops, conferences, informative talks, performances... This exhibition puts on display a small sample of the posters made by the students of Fine Arts over the years to commemorate this date.

CALCSICOVA is a platform that was launched in 1997 and encompasses 10 entities throughout the Valencian Community. It works to respond to HIV and AIDS in the Valencian Autonomous Region and to prevent its transmission to society in a proper way. One of the main goals of this group is to eradicate the stigma and discrimination of those living with HIV and AIDS, as well as the desire to influence Valencian and Spanish policies so as to promote social, legal and administrative changes that contribute to improving the living conditions of the affected people.

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ShalomArt. Painting Workshop for People with Chronic Mental Illness

This sample shows a selection of the works produced this year. There are numerous works in which students, guided by teachers, express their creativity freely. For almost 20 years, about 130 patients have participated. We believe that it has had a very positive effect on their lives.

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