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Cultural activities

The dissemination of culture is one of the objectives of any public library. At the UPV Library our drive to provide cultural content means that although most of our collection is technical, we also have an entertainment section with novels, comics and films.

Our support for culture is also evident in our range of initiatives and activities. For example, we have a literature blog (Connecta’t a la lectura) which you are welcome to participate in and we are active members of the BookCrossing initiative.

The Dia del Llibre (Book Day) is our main cultural activity. Events are programmed for the three campuses around the 23rd April. Each year we try to offer something different, but always in relation to the vast world of books.

The library as a space for culture

The foyer at the Central Library, which sees 1 million visits a year, is available for the university community to showcase cultural and social activities.

Anyone interested in holding exhibitions or similar events simply has to email the Library to confirm availability of the space and organise logistics mailto:secretariatecnica@bib.upv.es

The Fine Arts Library can provide the university community with display cabinets, tables and inside space for all types of cultural activities, mainly exhibitions by students of the various bachelor’s degree and master’s degree subjects. If interested, please email the Fine Arts Library at fcollado@bib.upv.es to agree on dates, terms and conditions. You can see past exhibitions to date on the Fine Arts Library flickr account.

You can also request a guided tour to any of our libraries

For further information go to Ask a librarian service.

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