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Política de donaciones

Donations Policy

One form of acquisition is via donations to the University's library and documentary holdings.

Accepting donations

The UPV and its Library will decide whether to accept a donation according to its relevance for the Library and for the university community as a whole.

The Library must be notified that a donation has been offered before a response is given to the donor/s. Even though the offer is made to any UPV School or Centre, the work involved in processing it and the storage costs must always be taken into account, therefore the Library technical staff will decide whether to accept or refuse the donation. Only in extreme cases will the Library issue a report to the Vice-Rector for the Library if acceptance of a donation is not advised and the receiver (School, Faculty or UPV Service) wants to accept it.

In the event that a UPV School, Faculty, Institute or Service wishes to accept a donation outside this previously established "channel", they must have a place to store the material and staff to process it. This staff (normally contracted out) will work under the supervision of the Library Cataloguing Unit and all items in the new collection must appear in the UPV general library catalogue.

Warning to donors

When a donation offer is received, the donor must be warned that it will not be accepted until the use and relevance of the items for the university community has been assessed, and that only part of the material being offered may be accepted.

They will also be warned that the donated material will be the Library's legal property and it can organise, maintain and use the material as it sees fit. The items will be available for use and loan in the same way as any other material (except in the case of special material).

In the case of donations of collections requiring special storage and handling, such conditions will be approved by the Library competent bodies.

Types of donations

Those donations that by their size and content quality merit separate consideration will be stored in the Library reading room or in a special room made available by the receiving School according to the terms under which the donation was accepted. The material will be placed in special "cupboards" in which only the items from that donation will be housed.

The rest of donations will be placed in the cupboards in the Central Library or in the relevant Centre library according to the subject matter dealt with in each monograph. This means the material will not be kept together.

The donations may be from one Institution or private individual. When deciding whether to accept or refuse the items and how to house them, items from an Institution or a private individual will be treated in exactly the same way.

Unit responsible for assessing donation offers

Each of the UPV libraries will be responsible for assessing potential donations before they are accepted. It will also choose the items to be accepted in the event that only part of the material offered is of relevance to the UPV.

Purging donations

In the event that a donation is accepted and not all the material that arrives in the Library is relevant, the Library reserves the right to reject part of that material, either donating it to other Institutions or even destroying it if it is obsolete or in a poor condition.

The case of periodical publications

A procedure will be established that will take into account:

1. if the title is already part of the collection it will be completed with the missing issues or years

2. if the donation is of various non-consecutive issues of a title not already in the collection: they will be rejected

3. if it is a complete collection: library technical staff will decide whether to accept or refuse it.

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