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Technical Reports
DEIOAC-2006-01  Vallada, Eva; Ruiz, Rubén (2006), "Genetic algorithms with path relinking for the minimum tardiness permutation flowshop problem".


Publicado en 2010 en OMEGA, International Journal of Management Science, 38, 57-67

DEIOAC-2006-02 Rad, Shahriar Farahmand; Ruiz, Rubén; Borojerdian, Naser (2006), "New High Performing Heuristics for Minimizing Makespan in Permutation Flowshops".


Publicado en 2009 en Omega-International Journal of Management Science, 37, 2: 331-345

DEIOAC-2006-03 Seido, Marcelo; Ruiz, Rubén;Noguiera, Luis Antonio (2006), "A constructive Genetic Algorithm for Permutation Flowshop Scheduling".


Publicado en 2008 en Computers & Industrial Engineering, 55: 195-207

  DEIOAC-2006-04 Ruiz, Rubén; Allahverdi, Ali (2006), "New Heuristics for No-Wait Flowshops with Bicriteria of Makespan and Maximum Lateness".


Publicado en 2009 en International Journal of Production Research, 47(20): 5717-5738

DEIOAC-2006-05 Champ, Charles, W.; Aparisi, Francisco (2006), "Double Sampling Hotelling's T2 Charts".


DEIOAC-2007-01 Ruiz, Rubén; Andrés, Carlos (2007). "Scheduling unrelated parallel machines with resource-assignable sequence dependent setup times".

En prensa en International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

  DEIOAC-2007-02 Urlings, Thijs; Ruiz, Rubén; Sivrikaya, Funda (2007). "Genetic algorithms for complex hybrid flexible flow line problems".


Publicado en 2010 en International Journal of Metaheuristics, 1, 30-54

  DEIOAC-2007-03 Minella, Gerardo; Ruiz, Rubén; Ciavotta, Michele (2007). "A review and evaluation of multi-objective algorithms for the flowshop scheduling problem"


Publicado en 2008 en INFORMS Journal on Computing, 20, 3: 451-471



Vallada, Eva; Ruiz, Rubén (2007). "Cooperative metaheuristics for the permutation flowshop scheduling problem".


Publicado en 2009 en European Journal of Operational Research,

193, 2: 365-376



Aparisi, Francisco; Lillo, Sonia; Bartolucci, Francesco (2007). "An empirical likelihood based control chart for the process mean".




Aparisi, Francisco; de Luna, Marco A.; Epprecht, Eugenio (2007). "Designing effectively a set of  x bar quality control charts".


  DEIOAC-2007-07 Ruiz, Rubén; Allahverdi, Ali (2007). "Minimizing the Bicriteria of Makespan and Maximum Tardiness with an Upper Bound".


Publicado en 2009 en Computers & Operations Research, 36, 4:




Ruiz, Rubén; Vallada, Eva; Fernández-Martínez, Carlos (2008). " Scheduling in flowshops with no-idle machines".


Capítulo del libro "Computational intelligence in Flow Shop and Job Shop Scheduling". Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg), 2010,



Framinan, José M.; Ruiz, Rubén (2008). "Deployment and implementation of scheduling systems: An extended architecture and guidelines for development".

Publicado en 2010 en European Journal of Operational Research, 205, 237-246

  DEIOAC-2008-03 Naderi, B.; Ruiz, Rubén; Zandieh, M. (2008). "Algorithms for a realistic variant of  flowshop scheduling".


Publicado en 2010 en Computers & Operations research, 37, 236-246

  DEIOAC-2008-04 Juan, Angel A.; Faulin, Javier; Ruiz, Rubén; Barrios, Barry; Caballé, Santi, (2008), "The SR-GCWS hybrid algorithm for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem"


Publicado en 2010 en Applied Soft Computing, 10, 215-224

  DEIOAC-2009-01 Naderi, B; Ruiz, Rubén (2009), "The distributed permutation flowshop problem"

Publicado en 2010 en en Computer & Operations Research, 37, 754-768

  DEIOAC-2009-02 Ruiz, Rubén; Vázquez-Rodríguez, José Antonio (2009), "The hybrid flowshop scheduling problem"

Publicado en 2010 en European Journal of Operational Research, 205, 1-18 (Invited Review)



S. San Matías, M. Clemente, V. Giner-Bosch & V. Giner (2009), "Predicting the duration of chemotherapy induced neutropenia: new scores and validation"


Vallada, Eva; Ruiz, Rubén (2009), "Genetic algorithms for the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times"

Publicado en 2010 en European Journal of Operational Research, 211, 612-622


Fanjul Peyro, Luis; Ruiz, Rubén (2009), "Iterated greedy local search methods for unrelated parallel machine scheduling"

Publicado en 2010 en European Journal of Operational Research, 207, 55-69



Urlings, Thijs; Ruiz, Rubén; Stützle, Thomas (2009), "Shifting representation search for hybrid flexible flownline problems"

Publicado en 2010 en European Journal of Operational Research, 207, 1086-1095


Debón, A., Martínez-Ruiz F., Montes, F. (2010), "A Geostatistical Approach for Dynamic Life Tables. The effect of mortality on remaining lifetime and annuities"

En revisión en la revista Insurance: Mathematics & Economics



Molina, L., Debón, A.(2010), "The use of ROC curves to evaluate different methologies for embryo classification based on implantation potential in an in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer programme"


Moghaddam, B. Farhang, Ruiz, R. and Sadjadi, S. J. (2010), "Vehicle Routing Problem with Uncertain Demands: An Advanced Particle Swarm Algorithm"

Aceptado para su publicación en Computers and Industrial Engineering



Framinan José M. and Ruiz, Rubén (2010), "Guidelines for the deployment and implementation of manufacturing scheduling systems "

En prensa en International Journal of Production Research



Fanjul-Peyro, Luis and Ruiz, Rubén (2010), "Size-reduction heuristics for the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem "

Publicado en 2011 enComputers and Operations Research, 38, 301-309




San Matías, S and Giner-Bosch, V.(2010), "Selection of Best Pre-Control Technique by Optimization Tools "


Minella, G., Ruiz, R., Ciavotta, M. (2010) "Restarted Iterated Pareto Greedy algorithm for Multi-Objective Flowshop Scheduling problems"

Publicado en 2011 en Computers and Operations Research, 38, 1521-1533



Ciavotta, M., Minella G., Ruiz, R. (2010), "Multi-objective sequence dependent setup times flowshop scheduling: a new algorithm and a comprehensive study"



 Katragjini, K., Vallada, E., Ruiz, R. (2010), "Flowshop rescheduling under different types of disruptions"


Pan, Q., Ruiz, R. (2010), "An estimation of distribution algorithm for lot-streaming flow shop problems with setup times"

Publicado en 2012 en Omega, The International Journal of Management Science, 38, 57-67


 Rodríguez, A., Ruiz, R. (2010),"The effect of asymmetry on traveling salesman Problems"

En prensa en Computers & Operations Research


Fanjul-Peyro, L., Ruiz, R., (2011) "Scheduling unrelated parallel machines with optional machines and jobs selection"

Publicado en 2012 en Computers and Operations Research, 39, 1745-1753


San Matías, S., Clemente, M. and Giner, V. (2011) "Classification models for predicting a patient clinical status: discussion on the case of the chemotherapy induced neutropenia duration"

Artículo invitado en la revista TREATMENT STRATEGIES - ONCOLOGY


Pan, Q., Ruiz R. (2011)," Local search methods for the flowshop scheduling problem with flowtime minimization"


Rodríguez, A., Ruiz, R. (2011),"An study on the effect of the asymmetry on real capacitated vehicle routing problems"

En prensa en Computers & Operations Research


Pan, Q., Ruiz R. (2011)," A comprehensive review and evaluation of permutation flowshop heuristics to minimize flowtime"

En prensa en Computers & Operations Research


M. Clemente, S. San Matías, V. Giner-Bosch (2012) "A methodology based on pro tability criteria for de ning the partial defection of customers in non-contractual settings"

Preprint submitted to European Journal of Operational Research


M. Clemente, V. Giner-Bosch, S. San Matías (2012), “Assessing classification methods for churn prediction by composite indicators”


Vicent Giner-Bosch, Susana San Matías, Mónica Clemente-Císcar, Andrés Carrión, (2014) "Optimal design of pre-control plans"


Tony Wauters, Fulgencia Villa, Jan Christiaens, Ramon Alvarez Valdes, Greet Vanden Berghe, (2016) "A decomposition approach to dual shuttle automated storage and retrieval systems"