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Free Bus

Free bus

The Campus de Gandia’s students are allowed to travel for free in the line 1 of the urban bus that Gandia’s railway station andour Campus. This service is offered on school days and is interrupted during vacation months (June, July, August and early September). Bus stops are located in front of the railway station and near Campus’ cafeteria.

You must be enrolled in a course, be younger than 30 year old and apply for travel card since September 1st to 30th and since January 18th to February 14th (second period).

Travel card application

You can apply for a travel card through UPV intranet: 'Información para la comunidad universitaria – Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandia'. In 'Aplicaciones para alumnos EPSG' section, go to 'Tarjeta de transporte estudiante'.

You need a passport photo to get your travel card. Usually its photo is taken from intranet, but in some cases application systems demands to upload a digital photo. No one can obtain a travel card without a passport photo.

You will receive an email when your travel card will be available to collect them.

Terms of use

A travel card is personal and nontransferable. That card is valid from the September academic year opening to the ending lessons, only in school days.

Our students can travel by bus in the line 1 with a temporary or final UPV accreditation card in early September only when he doesn’t has the travel card in that days.

The travel card is no longer valid by the end of the academic year. The student should keep the card for a further use if needed.

The renewal of that card should be done in the Intranet. You have to apply for it and the activation is done immediately.

The copies demanded because of spoil, theft, loss or any other causes can be issued by Information Office at the Gandia City Council. It has a 3 euros fee. The lost or stolen travel cards will be cancelled.

Only the incidences NOT related to the support or operation of the card may be solved by the Information Service.

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