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Colecciones de ocio
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The Central Library has several leisure collections available:

  • Literature collection: the Literature Collection at the Central Library is located in 0-32 shelves. To search for a specific item in PoliBuscador select the search in "Catálogo" and filter by type of material "Literatura". You can also search by genres: adventure novels, detective novels, historical novels, etc.

  • Films / TV series / documentaries: the Central Library collection contains a wide variety of films, television series and documentaries. Films loan is up to seven days, (three only if other users have reserved them). To search for a specific item in PoliBuscador, please select the search in "Catálogo" and filter by type of material "Películas"

  • Travel guides: in the 6-21 shelves you can find the travel guides collection with information from countries and cities around the world, lodging guides, hiking books, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

  • Cookbooks: 4-9 shelves, located in La Tierra room contains a collection of cookbooks from different places around world, gastronomy, recipes, etc.

  • Sport books: in the 6-11 shelves, in La Cultura room, on the third floor, the Central Library holds an extensive collection of sports books and related subjects such as sports medicine, training, yoga and Tai Chi.

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