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The Agricultural Engineering Library has a collection of approximately 20,000 copies, including monographs, reference items, regulations, maps, language books, videos and multimedia material. There is a collection of Final Degree Projects and Journals. The "Levante" newspaper is also available.


The bibliographic collection is arranged by subject. Each group of subjects is assigned to a shelf or set of shelves. The order of the books in each bookshelf follows the currens numbers sequence. Each bookshelf has a separate sequence.

Here you can check the subjects/bookshelves available in the Agricultural Engineering Library.

The books can be searched in PoliBuscador, selecting the catalogue tab.

  • If we apply the School of Agricultural Engineering Library filter, the results will show the books that this library holds
  • To find them on the shelf, make a note of the signature. For example, once the book Especies ornamentales de los Jardines del Real de Valencia / Ballester-Olmos y Anguís, José Francisco is located in Polibuscador, we can go to the Copies tab and check that its signature is R 5-15 / 562 , where

Location Bookshelf Sequential order





  • If we apply the E-book filter in Polibuscador, the results will only display the books that are available in electronic format.

The e-book collection holds more than 100.000 titles that may be searched in Polibuscador or in the E-book Portals

More information on Conditions of Use.


The bibliography recommended by subjects is a set of documents that professors recommend to their students in each of the subjects they teach during the academic year. All these documents are available in the library.

PoliBuscador offers the possibility of searching Recommended Bibliography; click on this tab and enter the Degree, Subject or Code of the Subject.

Watch this video to learn more about how to search for Recommended Bibliography.

You can also check the first-year recommended bibliography in Google +

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