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28 - Juny - 2013


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Date:: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 11:38:43 +0200

Organization:: U.P.V.

Message-ID:: <kqjlj3$kes$1@merope.cc.upv.es>


PhD Studentship offer
Name: PhD open position.
Nº de studentships: 1

Academic score better than 7,5
a) Haber completado un Máster junto con la tesina
b) Haber defendido la tesina final de máster
No disponer de otra beca ni estar recibiendo ayuda pública

Desired skills :
• Master in Photovoltaics•
• Knowledge on physics of semiconductors and/or photovoltaics.
• Experience in Photovoltaics characterization (including QE & IV).
• Experience in modeling optoelectronic devices.

Objective of the project:

This is a 6 months project, and it is our intend to offer a PhD after
finishing this project, if the candidate aptitudes matches with the
required skills. The PhD. topic will be about high efficiency Silicon
solar cells

The objective of the present 6 months project is to optimize a
photovoltaic module from the point of view of its optical properties.

A photovoltaic module is composed of several components such as the
cells, the glass, the encapsulant material and the backsheet. The
refractive index, the texture and the transmittance of these materials
determine the optical behavior of the module. In a normal module, about
25% of the sun light is lost due to light that is absorbed apart from
the cells or reflected at the interfaces. This project will afford the
challenge of minimizing such losses.

in this project we will study a photovoltaic module as an optical
system, paying special attention to the backsheet and its optimum
properties as an ideal reflector. We will study the most relevant foils
available in the market, and will compare their specular and diffuse
light behavior. We will study this system both theoretically and
experimentally, to determine the ideal solution by improving the light
trapping, and will propose novel designs to obtain the best possible
approach using the best commercial materials available in the market.

From the theoretical point of view, the system will be modeled with the
available software, and from the experimental point of view, the
individual components will be characterized optically to obtain their
spectral and angular response. Finally, the system will be evaluated, by
manufacturing and measuring the IV response of several mini-modules
under illumination.

Studentship: Specialization
Benefits: 1142E (brutos mensuales)
Duration: 6 meses
Starting date: September / October 2013
Project Responsible: Dr. Salvador Alcántara

Application Details:
• Complet Curriculum vitae
• Other documents that can justify desired skills.
Plazo presentación: 29 jun-5 jul 2013
Submission dates:
Place: email to misalas@ntc.upv.es


Universitat Politècnica de València