What is xpicture?

The xpicture package introduces several new graphical instructions, and some enriched versions of the instructions used in the standard picture environment that, among other utilities, will provide the possibility of using different reference systems and a fine control the precise position where the objects are placed in your drawing.
But the most interesting feature of this package is the ability to draw high quality curves such that conic sections, graphs of elementary functions and parametric curves, from LaTeX and using the typical LaTeX style syntax.

x = (sin t)(ecos t - 2cos 4t + sin5(t/12))

y = (cos t)(ecos t - 2cos 4t + sin5(t/12))

Butterfly curve

% x=(sin t)(exp(cos t)-2 cos 4t + (sin(t/12))^5)
% y=(cos t)(exp(cos t)-2 cos 4t + (sin(t/12))^5)

The new instructions defined by this package can be classified as follows: