Let me take you down to
Eleanor Rigby's statue

Because the Eleanor Rigby is a monument by the Liverpudlians to "all the lonely people", as Paul's song reflected. It's also conveniently placed close to Mathew Street, so you shouldn't miss the chance of paying her a visit.
The statue is placed in Stanley Street, a couple of blocks from Mathew Street, and you'll see it on one of the sidewalks. As always, you can take a look at the map.
What You Should Know
  • The statue was sculptured in 1982 by pop singer Tommy Steele, as a tribute to the Beatles.

  • A plaque next to the monument dedicates it 'To All The Lonely People'

  • Of course, Eleanor Rigby is a fictional character, although a grave was found near St Peter's Church in Woolton (where Paul met John) with the name Eleanor Rigby on it.
Inside the bronze sculpture are
  • a four leaf clover representing Nature
  • a page of the Bible representing Spiritual Matters
  • a football sock representing Leisure
  • a 'Dandy' and 'Beano' comic representing Comedy
  • four sonnets representing Romance.

Eleanor and me

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