The Beatles in Fallas '96

One of the most famous celebrations in Spain (probably with San Fermines in Pamplone, with the bulls running on the Streets, and the holy week in Seville) are the Fallas in Valencia. 300 huge cardboard monuments are set up in one night and rest on the strets for 4 days until the 19th of March in which they're burnt.

The holiday is a celebration of St. Joseph's day (March 19th), and the cardboard monuments are an evolution of old furniture which carpenters used to burn in piles that day.

This year, one of the major monuments (more than 40 ft high) had as central theme the music... and as bright as Valencians are, they couldn't miss the Fab Four as the greatest group of all time. The Beatles and Mozart topped the huge monument. Each head was aproximately 6 ft tall and hence constitutes (unless someone proves me wrong) the biggest Beatles statue ever built. See it for yourself!

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