The Beatles Anthology 2

A personal Review for Beginners

Here it is again. Another Beatles album in less than half a year. In almost a similar rate as the one experienced with the early Beatles Albums, the Anthology volumes are making Beatlemaniacs happier by the day and there still one more to go. After the initial blast from the first volume we can face the second one more calmly and critically. Once again the songs are for SERIOUS fans. In this second Anthology, however, the producers of the album (and I'm supposing the composition of the tracks will have to do with several persons and not only good old George Martin) have focused more in the making of the songs instead of just showing rarities. And yet the two discs are full of strange unheard recordings (asumming you're not a consumate bootlegger)

One of the things that certainly made The Beatles the best group ever was their studio work. They changed completely the way of producing, recording and editing songs. They spent endless nights in the studio Two at Abbey Road. They would rather rehearse there a song, improving if after hearing early takes of the track. Neither before nor rarely after, has a group been able to hold up so much studio time. It's true that nowadays groups may have the technology at home, but they won't have George Martin to write a score for a string octet overnight to accomodate to a song. The Anthology 2 deserves special atention for this particular. It's not just more rare tracks (also has them) It allows songs to be heard growing and becoming myths.