Let me take you down to

Because it is in the Emi Abbey Road studios where The Beatles recorded most of their material between 1962-70. Because it is the landmark of one of the most famous album covers by the Beatles. And because stepping over that zebra crossing will give you the thrill of your life!
Abbey Road may be visited by those in London. Located in the St. John's Wood district, one can easily access it by subway. Just go to the St. John's Wood station and follow Grove End Road. You can't miss it! But here's a picture just to remind the very few of you who don't recall it:

The Studios
The Abbey Road Studios have been for many years EMI main recording studios. Already a legend, many artists nowadays seek the "Abbey Road Sound" in its studio number 2 (shown in picture). Visits are not allowed, but this summer you may join a Beatle tour around England in which the studio will be visited (last time it was open to the public was in the 80's in a short visit program). However, you can always take a look at the building, the white one on the left. You'll recognize it by the grafitti on the walls

What you should know
  • The zebra crossing has changed from the time of the album cover and has some zig-zag patterns next to it.

  • The best picture of the crossing is taken from a nearby monument, if you're able to mantain equilibrium and make the shot.

  • The road sign on the back cover is no longer there (congratulations if you have it at home). There's a similar one (unfortunately it reads Rd. and not Road) about a mile up the road.

  • Miscellanea
    The picture at Abbey Road was quite improvised. Only 6 shots were made (if you risk your neck by doing the crossing, you'll find is not an easy task. Paul, living close to the studios, appeared with his sandals on. In fact in some of the shots he is not bare footed like in the record. Abbey Road was the last album to be recorded by The Beatles, maybe that's why they walk away from the studio. Let it Be was later released. Originally the album was to be called Everest. I don't know if you'd be willing to go there.

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