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In the house of Mantegna (Michele Manzini, Italy 2017)

In the house of Mantegna 2017 6¿39¿¿ Director Michele Manzini Screenplay Michele Manzini & Valeria Lo Meo Choreography Barbara Canal & Michele Manzini Performer Barbara Canal In her Notebooks, Simone Weil wrote that ¿Each true statement is an error if its opposite is not thought of at the same time, and it cannot be thought of at the same time¿. The mediation of contradictions is only an altered image of the irreconcilable polarities that, instead, make up reality. But thinking about the unthinkable leads us to a place that reason has never managed to penetrate. To be exact, it leads us to atopy, to ¿that absence of a place¿ that offers us a different measurement of the world. A trajectory towards overcoming the idea of harmony that, even before Weil, had been undertaken by Dostoyevsky in all its highest metaphysical tension. Bio Michele Manzini Born on 1967. Lives and work in Verona, (Italy). For many years his art has been concentrated on the definition of figures that can suggest instability and conflict as unresolved elements. His work develops through the use of a wide variety of media, among which video, photography, installations, writing, and performances.

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