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Master Degree's in Landscape and Bio-Environmental Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Landscape and Bioenvironmental Engineering. At the Master's Degree in Landscape and Bioenvironmental Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València we train highly-skilled specialists capable of analyzing, planning and managing the impact of human interventions on the environment and landscape.

Commitment to the multifunctionality of the landscape. We assess the landscape as a natural, cultural, ecological, economic and social resource, since the landscape is a key instrument in the land-use planning and management.

Waste treatment. We analyze how to recycle, treat or dispose of organic waste, according to the best available techniques that currently exist.

We are bioresponsible.The program is based on principles such as sustainability, circular economy, ecosystem services and bioeconomics, without forgetting communication, innovation and entrepreneurship skills. We believe in the innovation opportunities that the duality landscape-sustainability brings together in the search of environmentally friendly solutions.

Applied technical training. The Master's Degree in Landscape and Bioenvironmental Engineering provides the technical basis so that graduates can carry out environmental assessment, studies of environmental impact and/or environmental restoration, studies of landscape and landscape integration, maintenance of green urban areas and gardening, as well as the technical and economic operation of waste facilities for waste management and pollution prevention. This Master's Degree is aimed at graduates who pursue highly-skilled training in landscape and bioenvironment fields and would like to handle complex work situations and to solve technical problems successfully.

Have you ever imagined the future landscape? Do not settle for being a part of the landscape. Discover all the professional opportunities offered by the Master's Degree in Landscape and Bioenviromental Engineering.


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