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Seminario del profesor Jean-Charles Fabre

El profesor Jean Charles Fabre, profesor e investigador de reconocido prestigio internacional, impartirá un seminario en el DISCA los dias 14, 15, 16 y 17 de abril.

El seminario "Dependable Embedded Systems: from basic concepts to critical applications" tendrá lugar en las siguientes fechas:

•    14, 15 y 16 de abril de 2015, de 9:30 a 12:00.
•    17 de abril de 2015, de 10:00 a 12:30

e incluye los siguientes temas:

Chapter 1: Basic concepts, terminology, process and techniques
Chapter 2: Fault tolerant computing techniques and examples
Chapter 3: Resilient computing and adaptive fault tolerance
Chapter 4: Adaptive Computing in AUTOSAR embedded systems
Chapter 5: Validation techniques and the ISO26262 standard


Sobre el profesor:

Jean-Charles FABRE is Professor at the institute of technology (INP) of the University of Toulouse. He is researcher at LAAS (Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems), one of the main research labs of CNRS (the National Center for Scientific Research) in France.

He is member of the Dependable Computing & Fault-Tolerance research team. His past and current interests concern distributed fault tolerant systems, validation by fault-injection, resilient computing in real-time embedded systems. He works today on adaptive fault tolerance using reflective computing and open components for Agile Dependable Systems. He has been PC co-chair of several major conferences (e.g. SRDS, DSN), is member of the steering committee of the European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC) and of the editorial board of the Software Practice & Experience (SPE) journal

His work has often been carried out in collaboration with industry, e.g. THALES, AIRBUS, ASTRIUM Satellites, RENAULT cars, VALEO automotive embedded systems. He has also been expert for several aerospace and automotive companies, the National Defence Agency in France, but also abroad, e.g. SONY CSL in Japan. He is currently expert for the Air Traffic Services of the Civil Aviation Authority in France.

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