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Master's Double Degree in Agricultural Engineering + Animal Husbandry

Introduction and objectives

The Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering (MUIAGRO) qualifies graduates to become agronomists, and the Master's Degree in Animal Production (MUPA) aims to complete the training of those who wish to specialise in the main aspects of sustainable livestock and those seeking to obtain a PhD, by introducing them to the different related research fields.

The double degree enables students to acquire the competences of both master's degrees through an integrated academic career. All this in less time and with a lower economic cost than when both master's degrees are obtained individually. In this way, a MUIAGRO student, instead of taking the 102 MUIAGRO ECTS and the 60 MUPA ECTS, takes a total of 137 ECTS.

Structure of the Master's Degree

- 1st year (60 ECTS): it fully matches the first course of the Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

- 2nd year - semester A (38 ECTS): students will take the 4 subjects of the course of Specialisation in Science and Technology of Animal Production of the MUIAGRO (24 ECTS) and one optional subject of the course on Professional Orientation or curricular internship (6 ECTS), as well as 2 MUPA subjects of 4 ECTS: Data Analysis in Animal Production and Advanced Analytical Techniques in Animal Production.

-2nd year - semester B (39 ECTS): the following MUPA subjects will be taken: Animal Welfare and Sustainability (4ECTS), Environmental Pollution and Biosafety in Farms (ECTS), Final Master's Dissertation of MUIAGRO (12 ECTS) and a Final Master's Dissertation of MUPA (20 ECTS).

Who is it for?

Those in possession of an official university degree that enables them to become Agricultural Technical Engineers.

Admission criteria

Students must meet the admission criteria for the University Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering, since this is a qualifying Master's Degree.

In addition, students must have completed at least 50 ECTS of the first course of the Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering and, in particular, the following subjects:
33374 - Environmental Engineering in Animal Production
33373 - Feed Production Technology.

Applications for admission to the double degree shall be assessed by the Joint Academic Committee in accordance with the merit and selection criteria of both degrees.

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