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Seminario: Programming Distributed Computing Platforms with COMPSs
El día 9 en el aula del MCPyD, planta baja del DSIC. Se impartirá por el Prof. Daniele Lezzi del (BSC-CNS).

Title: Programming Distributed Computing Platforms with COMPSs 


Reasoning: Distributed computing platforms like clusters, grids and clouds pose a challenge on application developers due to different issues such as distributed storage systems, complex middleware, geographic distributions

Outline: COMPSs is a programming model which is able to exploit the inherent concurrency of sequential applications and execute them in a transparent manner to the application developer in distributed computing platform. This is achieved by annotating part of the codes as tasks, and building at execution a task-dependence graph based on the actual data used consumed/produced by the tasks. The COMPSs runtime is able to schedule the tasks in the computing nodes and take into account facts like data locality and the different nature of the computing nodes in case of heterogeneous platforms. Additionally, recently COMPSs has been enhanced with the possibility of coordinating Web Services as part of the applications.

Learning Outcomes:  In the course, the syntax, programming methodology and an overview of the runtime internals will be given. The attendees will get a first lesson about programming with COMPSs that will enable them to start programming with this framework.
A practical set of exercises will be also performed. The students who finish this course will be able to develop simple COMPSs applications and to run them both in a local resource and in a distributed platform (initially in a private cloud).

Prerequisites: Programming skills in Java and Python



 16-17 Introduction to COMPSs

  • COMPSs Programming Model
  • COMPSs Runtime
  • COMPSs tools

 17-19 Application examples

  • Code examples
  • Development of applications using the IDE
  • Monitoring & tracing


 19-21: Cloud Deployment

  • Deployment of COMPSs applications using PMES
  • Elasticity demo


Links: http://compss.bsc.es


You can bring your laptop to follow the exercises using a preconfigured COMPSs VM available in the downloads page 



Más información:    

J. Damian Segrelles Quilis

Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación (DSIC)

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

Camino de Vera s/n

46022 Valencia, España

Tel: +34-963877007, ext 88254



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