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Master's Degree in Industrial Constructions and Installations Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

El Máster Universitario en Construcciones e Instalaciones Industriales tiene el sello de excelencia internacional EUR-ACE, que acredita que estos estudios cumplen ampliamente con las exigencias profesionales de la ingeniería.

Given current circumstances, there is a demand by industries and companies for ever more highly qualified professionals. The Master's Degree in Industrial Constructions and Installations provides instruction for professionals and researchers specialized in both the field of industrial construction and industrial activities that affect other constructions.

This master's degree therefore enables graduates to:

    • Acquire specialized and advanced knowledge of the subjects covered.

    • Improve and enhance their employment status in companies.

    • Enter the labour market on more favourable terms.

    • Gain added value over other professional technicians.


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