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Master's Degree in Architecture Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Architecture

60 credits

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The Master's Degree in Architecture completes the training requirements for the regulated profession of Architect that began with the Bachelor's Degree in the Fundamentals of Architecture. The title of Master of Architecture directly confers the professional qualification of Architect on the holder.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia has taught Architecture since 1966. UPV architecture graduates have a qualification that is highly regarded by society, both in Spain and abroad, which combines creative development and technical rigour with interdisciplinary training, social responsibility and respect for the environment.


The Master's Degree in Architecture aims to train qualified professionals to carry out operations related to the planning and management of works of architecture and urban planning: new building work, renovation of buildings (including those that are listed or have protected status for environmental, historical or artistic reasons), and the entire planning process for facilities, structure and foundations; land-use planning, land management, gardening, landscape and environment; and construction management and other work arising from these projects.

CTS Credits

The Master's Degree in Architecture consists of 60 ECTS credits, of which 30 are for the End of Degree Project (Master's Thesis).

Course Structure

The academic programme, comprising 60 ECTS credits, lasts one academic year, with two semesters:

  • a) First semester: 30 ECTS. Includes three modules:
    - Project Design Module (12 ECTS). Project, composition and urban planning
    - Technical Module (9 ECTS). Structures and foundations; Construction and Facilities
    - Complementary Training Module (9 ECTS). Optional subjects / internships.

    b) Second semester: 30 ECTS. End of Degree Project (Master's Thesis).
    - Preparation, presentation and defence, once all graduate and master's credits have been earned, of an individual, original project before a university tribunal which shall include at least one professional of renown proposed by the professional organisations. The exercise will consist of a comprehensive, professional architectural design project in which all the skills acquired during the degree are demonstrated. These will have been developed to the point of proficiency in completing a full construction project that complies with applicable technical and administrative regulations.

Addressed to

Students holding a Bachelor's Degree in the Fundamentals of Architecture from the UPV or any other graduate degree with a curriculum that conforms with Order EDU/2075/2010, laying down the requirements for the verification of official university degrees that qualify the holder for the practice of the profession of architect.

Admission criteria

Criteria for admission to the Master's Degree in Architecture will be guided by the provisions of the Governing Council of the UPV, which adopted, on 7 November 2013, the "criteria for admission to University Master's Degrees that qualify the holder for the practice of regulated engineering professions or deriving from the adaptation of second cycle degrees or first and second cycle degrees."

Under the provisions approved by the aforesaid Governing Council, applications for admission will be processed according to the following evaluation and selection criteria, weighted as follows:

  • a) Academic record: 40-60%
    b) Relevance of competences acquired on previous degree to the degree applied for: 40-60%
    c) Curriculum Vitae: 0-10%

    As indicated in the document approved by the Governing Council:
    . The average score will be standardized in accordance with the general conditions set out by the UPV.
    . The relevance of competences acquired on the previous degree to the degree applied for will be determined by the Master's Academic Committee and approved by the Academic Committee of the Governing Council of the UPV.
    . The relative weighting of each evaluation and selection criterion shall be determined by the centre responsible for the master's degree (ERT), always within the established range. On the Master's Degree in Architecture, these relative weightings are as follows:
    a) Academic record: 60%
    b) Relevance of competences acquired on previous degree to the degree applied for: 40%
    c) Curriculum Vitae: 0%


School of Architecture

Participating centres

Departments of Architectural Composition, Architectural Constructions, Architectural Graphic Representation, Applied Physics, Land Engineering, Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Continuous Medium Mechanics and Theory of Structures, Business Organisation, Architectural Projects, and Urban Planning.


Blanca-Cemex Chair, Cerámica-Ascer Chair, Fulton Chair and Chair of Sustainable Municipalities, National Fraternity of Architects (Hermandad Nacional de Arquitectos), Valencia School of Architects, Valencian Institute of Construction, the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

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