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Master's Double Degree in Telecommunications Engineering + Electronic Systems Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

The double masters consists in the realization of two independent masters, with partially coincident contents. Taking advantage of the thematic synergies, a programming is elaborated that facilitates the realization of both masters with a smaller temporary and economic cost.

Finally, if you get two titles:

- Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (MUTE).

- Master's Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering (MUESE).

The Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering qualifies for the exercise of the Telecommunication Engineer profession. This Engineering covers all technological aspects related to the treatment, transmission and reception of information. This master's degree offers a broad profile of skills and knowledge in communications systems, networks, electronics and audiovisual systems, to acquire the professional skills regulated to exercise the profession of Telecommunication Engineering.

The Master's Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering aims to train professionals and researchers in the field of electronic engineering, deepening both in their industrial applications and those oriented towards information and communication technologies. The most current trends are studied in the following fields: high speed digital systems and multiprocessor systems, advanced design with digital signal processors and FPGA, implementation of communications systems, integrated circuit design, electronic power systems and power generation, Renewable energy sources and electrical supply quality, data acquisition systems, electronic instrumentation and signal processing.

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