POLINIZA DOS, Trobada d’Art Urbà is the thirtieth edition of the urban art contest at the Universitat Politècnica de València, which this year will take place between May 7-11 2018.

In this XIII edition, we want to continue to the spirit of previous editions, through collaborations with foreign universities and go further with more experimental proposals. The goal of this project is to connect artists and international organizations, particularly from Latin America, using the Trobada d’Art Urbà as a speaker of the best contemporary urban art proposals. This year, we have focused on Argentine and particularly on the Universidad Provincial de Córdoba.

At the university, we strive to face the challenges of reflection, analysis and self-criticism regarding art in the urban environment. For that reason, we will continue enhancing initiatives and artistic production from several fields and geographies. Thus, we conceived POLINIZA DOS as a meeting point for dialog and exchange between artists, theories, associations, institutions, the university community and society.




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